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Min-Hero: Tower of Sages

Min-Hero: Tower of Sages is a Pokémon-inspired flash game developed by the hard-working game development team Toy Chest Games . In the game you train and collect over 100 minions as you fight to prove yourself in the Tower of Sages.

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Featured Minion

"They bravely challenge any opponent, no matter how strong. As a result, Ticubs are often covered with scratches."
Ticub/Tigertan could be considered one of the best all-around minions and one of the two starter minions you get from the Grand Sage. I mean, it's a
  • Ticub
  • Tigertan
balance between power, speed, and bulk. Powerful moves from the Normal skill tree help boost the power, Quickness and White Heat from the Speed skill tree help it to move near the top of the Speed bracket, and the Guard skill tree gives the necessary Health boost in the form of Fortitude as well as the awesome Directed Earth. (More...)
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